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Shrimp Lover & Tropical Fish

Thrive Low Tech 500ml

Thrive Low Tech 500ml

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ThriveC All in One Fertilizer Designed for Lower Tech Tanks

High Quality Solutions for High Quality Plant Life

Provide your beautiful aquatic plants with the necessary nutrients and see the difference for yourself with our all-in-one ThriveC Solution! Formulated with an array of essential nutrients curated to help plant life thrive, ThriveC aims to make aquascaping fun, easy and budget-friendly for all.

  • Concentrated all in one aquarium plant fertilizer
  • Formulated with essential macro & micro nutrients
  • Ideal for both low and medium-tech setups
  • Made with a non-glut-based, bio-available carbon source providing 2-3x the amount of other supplements
  • Can treat up to 2500 gallons of water with a single 500ml pump bottle
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