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Thrive all in one 500ml

Thrive all in one 500ml

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Thrive+ Aquarium Plant Fertilizer - All In One Planted Tank Liquid Fertilizers

High Quality Solutions for High Quality Plant Life

Designed for high tech, low ph (7ph or under) tanks, Thrive+ is a truly comprehensive supplement for planted aquariums. Formulated with an array of essential nutrients including two forms of nitrogen for increased growth, Thrive+ aims to make fertilizing hassle-free, efficient, and budget-friendly. Provide both your aqua-life and aquatic plants with the necessary nutrients and see the difference for yourself with our all-in-one Thrive+ Solution!

  • Concentrated all-in-one aquarium plant fertilizer
  • Formulated with essential macro & micro nutrients
  • Ideal for high tech, low ph (7ph or under) tanks
  • Contains two forms of nitrogen for faster uptake and better growth
  • Can treat up to 2500 gallons of water with a single 500ml pump bottle
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