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Marina Slim Mini Power Filter - up to 19 L (5 US Gal)

Marina Slim Mini Power Filter - up to 19 L (5 US Gal)

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The Marina Slim Mini Power Filter's unique compact and slim design provides both practical and aesthetic benefits: it takes up less space than standard size filters and it brings a touch of elegance to your aquarium.

The filter comes equipped with an adjustable flow control so you can adjust the water flow level in your tank. Its motor is submerged in the water and operates very quietly.

Installation and start-up is easy - no priming required. Just plug it in and watch it go! Maintenance is quick, simple and convenient.

The Power Filter includes one filter cartridge: 1 Bio-Clear, containing Ceramitek, a highly porous ceramic filter medium that optimizes biological filtration for a healthy aquarium.

The Slim Mini Power Filter is for aquariums up to 10 gallon aquarium.
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