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Marina Pirates Aquarium Kit - 3.7 L (1 US Gal.)

Marina Pirates Aquarium Kit - 3.7 L (1 US Gal.)

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Climb on board with the Marina Pirates Aquarium kit and embark on the aquatic adventure as your child discovers the endless bounty...and dangers! Experience the wonder of their very own aquatic creation, and share in the enchantment of the Pirates underwater adventures.

The touch sensitive LED light and easy feed opening makes it truly simple for your child to independently care for their aquatic universe.

Key Features :

  • Plastic aquarium with black canopy
  • Integrated Top Filter with Cartridge (refill filter cartridges available separately)
  • Includes LED Lighting
  • Treasure Chest with Shark (3D plastic cutout)
  • Pirate-themed Static Cling Decals

Also available :

  • 13311, Marina Mermaid Aquarium Kit, 3.7 L (1 US Gal.)
  • 13315 Marina T100 Replacement 3.7 L (1 US Gal) Aquarium Filters


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