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Ista LED Clip Light - Blue & White - 7"

Ista LED Clip Light - Blue & White - 7"

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LED Clip Light - Blue & White - 7"

The 7 inch Ista LED Clip Light is a durable, sleek aquarium light designed to be clipped on to the aquariums with a glass thickness of 8 mm. The light is constructed with a durable aluminum alloy heat sink design, providing exceptional heat dissipation across the entire aquarium. The adjustable neck allows for quick and easy changes in illumination angle and the LED light offers a 120 degree light distribution for optimal light quality for both plants and animals alike. The long lasting unit features transparent acrylic panels that provide exceptional light transmittance, is water repellent to eliminate shocks in case of any splashes and is incredibly energy efficient for a decreased carbon footprint. Provides 4 watts of power.

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