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Fluval Aquarium Salt - 675 g (23.8 oz)

Fluval Aquarium Salt - 675 g (23.8 oz)

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Whether you're looking to help prevent certain diseases, treat existing ones, start a new aquarium for certain species or create a brackish environment, Fluval Aquarium Salt can improve the overall health of your fish naturally without any additives.

Key Features :

  • Rebranded with new larger format - Previously under Nutrafin
  • Preventative Care - Encouraging the production of a fish's natural slime coating helps prevent certain diseases from developing in the first place. Promotes the healing of torn fins and body scrapes. Increases water's ion content, which helps dilute nitrite intake by fish (reducing the chances of nitrite poisoning). Reduces stress naturally
  • Disease Treatment - Promotes the production of a natural slime coat, which helps fish to shed external parasites, control bacteria and keep pathogens and fungi away (a common affliction for tropical and goldfish species).
  • Depending on the disease treatment, salt can be used either exclusively or in conjunction with specific medications to treat fish disease.
  • Ideal for Livebearers, Goldfish, African Cichlids - Creates a natural, mineralized environment favored by these popular species
  • Hatch Live Brine Shrimp - Recommended and ideal for raising small tropical species and raising fish fry (Consult brine shrimp egg package for instructions)
  • All natural cleaner - Cleans aquarium equipment naturally and controls bacteria without use of harmful chemicals or detergents
  • For freshwater aquariums
  • Size : 675 g (23.8 oz)
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