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Aqueon Clip-On LED Light - Freshwater

Aqueon Clip-On LED Light - Freshwater

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Clip-On LED Light - Freshwater

The Aqueon Clip-On LED Light is ideal for use in freshwater aquariums with fish and low to medium light level plants up to 20 gallons in size. The super thin, lightweight device boasts 21 high quality RGB (red, green, blue) LED lights to create beautiful illuminations with a 2-way soft touch control. With full customization, the unit comes with a remote control for optimal freedom of use and has the ability to change the lights individually, as well as adjust the color intensity in 10% increments. In addition, the unit boasts 8 preset color options and a 3 speed color scroll mode for unique, artistic color combinations. These settings and hues are ideal for improving the growth rate and color of sensitive aquatic plants and providing aquatic animals with a pleasing atmosphere. The Aqueon Clip-On LED Light is suitable for both rimmed and rimless aquariums and uses a versatile mounting screw for fast and easy installation. 8" x 7" x 2.7"

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