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AQUATOP Eurostyle Bowfront Glass 8.7 Gallons Aquarium

AQUATOP Eurostyle Bowfront Glass 8.7 Gallons Aquarium

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Description For a truly panoramic view of your aquatic life, consider our Eurostyle Bowfront glass aquariums. This 8.7 gallon nano aquarium looks spectacular on desks and countertops and includes ultra high end features such a polished edges and frameless build. The seamless curved glass front will draw you into an underwater picture show and the flat back side allows you to position the tank flush against a wall. A favorite among reef keepers, glass tanks offer many advantages over acrylic and are are less likely to cloud or scratch. You’ll enjoy this Eurostyle Bowfront glass aquarium for years to come.


 Dimensions: 18" x 10.75" x 10.75"
 Capacity: 8.7 Gallons
 Glass Thickness: 5mm
 Glass Thickness: 3/16"
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